Heavy Rock

Energetische Rockband  von der  baltischen Südküste, geschweißt aus Wismarer, Schweriner und Güstrower Metal .

The rising, energetic Rock Band, coming from the South Baltic Coast of Germany.

Founded in autumn 2014 and first stage appearance in January 2015.

Playing rude heavy rock, inspired by decades of great bands and music, we salute to, starting with Idols like Chuck Berry or Elvis, leading to Led Zeppelin and Motörhead, crossing Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Soulfly and Nirvana and streaked by Guns n Roses and the early Volbeat.

One or the other visual or acoustic similarity is quite intentional.

About 40 gigs in 3.5 years proof, it’s a damned rocking Band with an attitude.


Cadillac Blood after a Member Change are:


Andreas (Gitarre, Lead Vocals), Flo (Drums), Holger (Lead Gitarre, Backing Vocals) 

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